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St Patrick's Day Luxury Hat Box

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Bring a taste of Ireland to your friends and family this St Patrick's Day. A day where Ireland & being irish has been celebrated all across the globe. 

Sending your relatives and friends a gorgeous Green Ribboned Orange Hat-box filled to the absolute brim with delicious treats from Lismore, Ireland. 

Make it special, share the Joy from Ireland, Sláinte

1 x Lismore Shortbread Biscuits 150g, 1 x Lismore Irish Digestive Biscuits 150g, 1 x Lismore Preserve 212g, 1 x Lismore Marmalade 212g, 1 x Lismore Fig and Apple  Chutney 212g, 1 x Lismore Dark Chocolate Apple Thins 100g, 1 x Lismore Irish  Breakfast Tea 50g, 1 x Lismore Apple Balsamic Vinegar 100ml, 1 x Orange and Cranberry Cordial, 1 x Lismore Blonde Chocolate bar with Cacao Nibs,  1 x Lismore Smoked Almonds 135g,  1 x Lismore Coffee 200g,  1 x pure Raw Irish Honey, 1 x Lismore Luxury Hat Box

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