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The Carnegie *Ireland Only

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Andrew Carnegie was a great friend to Lismore and in 1910 the magnificent Neo Tudor Library, funded by the great industrialist, was opened. Ever since, the wonderful books have brought education, entertainment and joy to many. With this magnificent hamper brimming with deliciousness we celebrate his extraordinary generosity.

1 x Lismore Syrah Red Wine 750ml, 1 x Lismore Voignier White Wine 750ml, 1 x Premium Champagne 750ml, 3 x Lismore Sweet Biscuits 150g, 1 x Lismore Digestive Biscuits with wild Atlantic Seasalt 150g, 1 x Caraway with Irish Seaweed Biscuits  150g, 1 x Lismore Hot Chocolate 300g ,1 x Lismore Single Origin Coffee 200g, 1 x Earl Grey Tea 50g, 1 x Irish Breakfast Tea 50g, 1 x Lismore Peppermint Infusion 1 x Lismore Preserve, 1 x Lismore Provence Preserve, 1 x Lismore Chocolate Apple Thins, 2 x different Lismore Chocolate Bars, 1 x Lismore Chutney, 1 x Lismore Christmas Morning Marmalade, 1 x Lismore Balsamic Vinegar 100ml, 1 x Lismore Honey 113g,  2 x different Lismore Savoury Nuts, 1 x Box Chocolate Covered Almonds, 1 x Lismore Kalamata Olives 180g, 1 x Lismore  Chorizo with Chilli 110g, 1 x Lismore Salami with Fennel 110g,  1 x Lismore Truffle Mustard, 1 x Lismore Truffle Oil 100ml, 1 x Balsamic Sea Salt 100g,  1 x Lismore Brandy Butter 155g, 1 x Lismore Cranberry Sauce 212ml, 1 x Christmas Pudding, 2 x Lismore Cordial, 1 x Lismore China Mug, 1 x Lismore Luxury Hat Box


*Lismore Wine: Tucked into the foothills of a dramatic mountain range in Southern Africa is the Lismore Estate Vineyard. Its owner & winemaker Samantha O'Keefe has found the perfect terroir to deliver rich, complex and lovingly handcrafted wines - celebrated as some of the countries finest. We're proud to include Samantha's beautiful wines in our hampers and thrilled that she named her vineyard after the historic 'Lismore' Road that runs through the Estate

**Due to seasonal demand some products in our hampers may need to be substituted.

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