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Lismore Caramelised Chocolate Hazelnuts 125g

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These irresistible and extremely moreish Caramelised Chocolate Hazelnuts are made from the best hazelnuts in the world. The ‘Nocciola del Piemonte’ from Northern Italy are characterized by their spherical shape, fine and delicate flavour and crisp texture. Grown in perfect soil conditions the hazelnuts have IGP protected status and produced in only a handful of farms in the region. 

To create these extraordinary confections the hazelnuts are gently panned, caramelised and then coated in the finest chocolate.

Delicious after dinner – or with an espresso anytime! They also make the perfect gift for any and all of your celebratory moments!

Goodness Gracious these little smashers are quite simply Amazeballs! 

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